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Urban bias

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Urban Studies Field Description. Urban studies is an interdisciplinary minor field intended to complement basic studies in such Fields as City and Regional Planning, Economics, Government, History, Human Development, Management, and Sociology, as well as various fields in engineering.

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The urban bias is a reason for the overwhelming attention paid to urban “terrorism.” According to Laqueur, “the reasons for the lack of attention are obvious: Guerrilla operations, in contrast to terrorist, take place far from big cities, in the countryside, in remote or mountainous regions, or in jungles.

Holm () utilised the urban bias thesis and pointed out that 85 per cent of Botswana's population was rural, yet rural development programmes receive minimal financing, show relatively little concern with the mass of the population, are articulated by national rather than local officials, are heavily foreign funded and controlled, and yield.

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Urban bias thesis
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