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Thesis is a "superfamily" including both serif and sans serif styles. First published in as part of the FontFont collection, Thesis became part of the LucasFonts type library in The family was conceived as a versatile typographic system of ambitious scope.

Use a serif typeface (font) for the main text and a sans serif typeface for headings, tables and figures. Serif fonts are easier to read because the little feet guide the eye from one word to the next. how to cite an essay mla dogs are better than cats essay an essay on a school trip comparison between christianity and buddhism essay ubc faculty of graduate studies thesis explanatory essay social essays structure of writing an essay how to make the world a better place essay clinical case study report format thesis cover page doc how to make a cover page for an essay introduction to compare.

Originally just a sans-serif font, it was extended with additional serif designs, Syntax is a humanist sans-serif typeface designed by Meier inand released in by the D. Stempel Schriftgießerei of Frankfurt am Main.

Thesis is a large typeface family designed by Lucas de Groot. The typefaces were designed between and to provide a modern humanist family. Each typeface is available in a variety of weights as well as in italic.

Originally released by FontFont, it is now sold by de Groot through his. Serif typefaces tend to be thought of as classic and traditional, whereas sans-serif typefaces are thought of as more modern and contemporary.

The fine details of serifs, especially the more delicate and high-contrast designs, don’t always display well on screens, especially at small sizes on low.

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