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Environmental Sustainability

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Encouraging estimate and equality, organizations invent to various beneficial guarantee and external outcomes. Our Mission. The mission of the Department of Environmental Studies at California State University, Sacramento, is to prepare students to understand and address environmental problems in their political, economic, social, ethical, and scientific contexts.

The concept of sustainability has risen to global recognition and is manifest in various ways in higher education institutions. There are multiple models for implementing sustainability in this. Mobilizing Capital Markets to Address Climate Change.

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Blankfein, chairman and chief executive officer of Goldman Sachs, discusses Goldman Sachs’ updated Environmental Policy Framework, highlighting our expanded target to deploy $ billion to finance clean energy by Knowledge of environmental sustainability, integrating understanding of the earth’s physical system with environmental economics, policy analysis, and effective planning, is essential to a world threatened by ongoing environmental degradation.

Lakehead University, is the first university to become environmentally sustainable, and the first university in North America to be “green” from top to bottom. While many buildings in Ontario have aimed to be environmentally qualified, Lakehead has made it their goal for the entire campus to be sustainable and built to environmental standards that will [ ].

What is sustainability? What does this imply for our doings?

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