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Master of Architecture

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Departement in media - Prof. Pěchouček - Český rozhlas, Leonardo - věda a technika.

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The head of our department prof. Dr. Michal Pěchouček, balmettes.com a host in Czech radio - studio Leonardo.

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Jacoba Brasch QC. Jacoba was admitted to the Bar in and has developed a practice in family law, mental health law, and customs and excise. She has appeared in matters in most States and Territories of Australia and often appears in the Full Court of the Family Court of Australia.

Applications are open for New Zealand Pacific Scholarships to Pursue Undergraduate and Postgraduate Study at 10 listed New Zealand Education Institutions.

Gavin is an experienced architect and Group Practice Director at ThomsonAdsett. For almost 25 years, Gavin has worked largely in the healthcare and commercial space, with a recent focus on strategic practice development.

Master of Architecture

This thesis is an empirical study of strategic management practices in the construction industry. It examines the dynamic capabilities paradigm within the context of the Indonesian construction industry.

Qut thesis
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