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the “wolf-strategy” that typified this war. The armies of both sides plundered as they marched, leaving cities, towns, villages, and farms ravaged. When the contending powers finallymet in the German province of Westphalia to end the bloodshed, the balance of power in Europe had been radically changed.

8. Brown, R. Stephen ().

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Merchant Kings. "The 'Plundered Province' Thesis and the Recent Historiography of the American West. The region. Robbins.'4 If those modes are precisely the same as those existing 13 William G.

" In other words. it is not adequate now merely to make them regional Americans. uranium. White Croatia (also Great Croatia or Chrobatia) was the ill-defined homeland of the White Croats in Central and Eastern Europe.

After the migration of the White Croats in the 7th century, it gradually lost its primacy under the influence of other Slavic peoples such as Czechs and Poles.

[1]. Introduction and Preliminary Assessment of Cist Tombs in Gahvāre District, Kermanshah Province, Western Iran. International Journal of Archaeology. Special Issue: Academic Research for Multidisciplinary. As Lan Na was plundered by the dynastic struggles, both Ayutthaya and the Burmese saw this as an opportunity to overwhelm Lan Na.

Chairacha of Ayutthaya invaded Lan Na inbut Chiraprapha negotiated for peace. Chairacha returned next year, sacking Lampang and Lamphun, and threatened Chiangmai itself. The Chiang Mai.

Empty classrooms, fake girls’ schools, teachers’ salaries siphoned off by warlords: in Ghor province in Afghanistan’s west, the shadows of strongmen loom large and schools, too, have become pawns in the power struggle between rival factions.

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