Foamed bitumen thesis

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The Study on Foaming Characteristics of Foamed Asphalt in Cold Recycling Technology

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Puffy evaluation over the first two tales showed an increasing trend on the equality of the section influenced basically by the reader process. The present study focuses on Foamed Bitumen treated Mixes (FBMs).

Most of the agencies which use FBMs have their own mix design procedures which are the result of numerous efforts over decades.

In spite of all these efforts, Foamed Bitumen application in cold recycling in the United Kingdom suffers from the lack of a standardised mix. Foamed asphalt, in particular that produced by a mechanical process, offers unique benefits over other WMA technologies in that it does not require expensive additives or a change in basic mixing procedures from HMA.

Foamed bitumen and cement reduced rutting and created a % improvement in life compared to the unbound pavement without any loss of stiffness (fatigue) during the project.


The benefits of modified aggregates can be included in the current Austroads design framework with the empirical procedures developed in the report.

The thesis is written by combining the two published journal papers, one submitted conference paper, and two other papers under completion for journal submission.

Lu D. X. and Saleh M. F. () Investigation of the Semi-Circular Bending Test Notch. HMA / emulsion mix and non-continuously bound foamed bitumen mix Wirtgen (). The higher the surface of the spotwelds the higher is the possibility for ageing (Jenkins et al. This was confirmed by a master thesis at university of Kassel (Bachmann ).

Jenkins et al. () concluded that short term ageing of the bituminous binder is. ii ABSTRACT Despite applications of foamed bitumen technology in pavement construction in various places around the world, there are still several aspects about this technology that are not clear.

Foamed bitumen thesis
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Polyfunctional Modifiers for Bitumen and Bituminous Materials with High Performance